The Church of the Twelve Gods

The Zodiac Pantheon is the primary religion on the Continent, seen in the public sphere to the exclusion of others. It consists of twelve deities, each represented in the sky by a constellation. People of the Continent are born under the protection of one of the deities, the birth god, and when they come of age, some choose a second god to reflect their path in life.

Major Cities have a temple devoted to each of the Twelve, usually set up in the center of town in a wheel. Smaller locales will have a single temple with shrines to each within. Most of the time, clerics and followers of the Twelve get along with each other; any disagreement is usually mediated before it gets out of hand.

• Aries, the Deity of Conflict
• Taurus, the Deity of Tenacity
• Gemini, the Deity of Magic
• Cancer, the Deity of Protection
• Leo, the Deity of Nature
• Virgo, the Deity of Home
• Libra, the Deity of Justice
• Scorpius, the Deity of Retribution
• Sagittarius, the Deity of Passage
• Capricornus, the Deity of Trickery
• Aquarius, the Deity of Storms
• Pisces, the Deity of Oblivion

The Tale of Ascension

When Hoghul was young, and humans began the first of their civilizations, the Twelve Blessed Warriors of the Gods walked among the people as mortals. They promoted peace and justice for all of the sentient races. Though their methods may have differed, they all shared the same compassion for life.

One day, the world was thrown into turmoil and discord. A Great Evil, foul enough to kill those who even just laid eyes upon it, appeared and began to destroy entire kingdoms. The people prayed to the Old Gods for protection, but the gods did not seem to answer.

Outraged, the Twelve Warriors vowed to save the world from this evil being, even though it had seemed that the gods have forsaken them. The first to set out was Scorpius. The battle was fierce, but in the end, Scorpius fell to the evil. From Sagittarius to Capricornus, from Aquarius to Pisces, Aries to Taurus, Gemini to Cancer, Leo to Virgo, and finally Libra, the warriors rode out to fight and to die at the hand of the Great Evil. Before Libra had left, she had spoken with her beloved Rose, “If only we had stood together from the beginning, we would have vanquished this evil. I regret that even my own death may not be enough to defeat this abomination.”

Remembering Libra’s words, Rose swore to avenge the deaths of the Twelve and save the world. She took up her weapon and sought out companions to assist her in this quest. First, she found the sister of Cancer, Carbuncle. Then, she met with the husband of Virgo, Lapis. Then the daughter of Aries, Quartz, joined them. They located the blade brother of Taurus and the childhood friend of Gemini Alexia. Leo’s sister, Citrine was already working with Amber, Scorpius’s lover and the father of Sagittarius, Sodalite. Within hours of reaching the lair of the Great Evil, three more companions joined the quest; Bloodstone, companion of Capricornus; Iolite, granddaughter of Aquarius; and Turquoise, son of Pisces.

Together, the group attacked the Great Evil, hoping to defeat the already wounded creature even though they were not the Twelve Blessed Warriors. The battle wore on, and things were beginning to look grim.

At this time, the Origin God looked downed at the world, and realized what had befallen. He revived the Twelve Blessed Warriors and healed the wounded companions. With their loved ones assisting, the Twelve Blessed Warriors defeated the Great Evil and sealed it away.

The Origin God was infuriated by the Old Gods apathy and lack of interest in the world. He stripped them of their powers and gave it to the Twelve Blessed Warriors and their companions, impressed by the strength and courage they displayed. For his own inaction, he gave over his worshipers to the twelve, save for his own children. He promised that should his power ever be needed again, the Twelve could call for his help and he would come. The Twelve Warriors, now the Twelve Gods of the Skies, ascended to the heavens with their loved ones to watch over the world that they had saved.

The Church of the Twelve Gods

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